Knitting Project Class

What would you most like to knit but don’t know how to yet? In this class we will discuss how to pick a project that is right for you and your level of experience. We will talk about finding materials, checking tension, and how to read a knitting pattern.  As students work through their individual projects they will have a chance to seek the advice of an expert knitting instructor and also learn from their fellow students. Techniques specific to each knitter’s project will be demonstrated. Pick a project that can be accomplished in 3 weeks such as mittens, socks, or baby garments.
This class is open to knitter’s who know the basics but are looking to challenge themselves. It’s a great follow up to our Knit 101 class!

3 sessions, materials not included

Materials: Materials will be chosen to suit each knitters project. Students can choose their materials in class or in advance with help from us at the shop.

Level: Beginner - Advanced. Knitters with any level of knitting experience beyond Absolute Beginner may join this class.

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