Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder

This tool is designed for a very particular knitter and this knitter will find it indispensable. If you knit a lot of seamless sweaters in rounds and have to put the sleeve's stitches or other stitches on holders...keep on reading. This is better than scrap yarn! Better than safety pin style stitch holders too! Leather cords have the flexibility of yarn, but are firm enough to keep the stitches from disappearing up into themselves. These cords come with an interior-threaded needle tip, so you can easily knit onto and off of the cord. Much like a leather circular needle! The needle tips screw onto, and off of, the leather cord.

This stitch holder set comes with three leather cords - one 150cm/59" and two 75cm/29.5" and two interior-threaded needles that screw onto the leather cords. All are packaged in a hardy, kraft box that is perfect for storing these clever tools.  

$21.00 $35.00

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