Knitting and Crocheting Accessories

Useful little tools made from HiyaHiya are cute and colourful and sometimes indispensable. 

Locking Stitch Markers by Hiyahiya come in a package of 20. Knitters or crocheters use them to mark  rows or stitches. They are very versatile little minders.

Cable Needles by Hiyahiya come in a package of 3 containing three different sizes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm. They can be used by knitters in a wide range of projects to make beautifully twisted stitches.

Stitch Holders by Hiyahiya come in a package of 3, sized 5cm, 7.5cm, 12.5cm respectively. They can come in handy when knitters want to put some stitches aside for a time.

Soft Stitch Ring Markers by Clover come in a package with 20 small markers to fit 2mm-3.75mm/US 0-5 and 20 markers to fit 3.75mm-8mm/US5-11. They are flexible, plastic markers that are really easy to use when marking stitches.

Jumbo Locking Stitch Markers by Clover come in packages of 12. They fit needle size up to 12mm/US19.

Knitter's Safety Pins by Hiyahiya come in a pack of 12 in a rainbow of colours. They are used for marking stitches or rows, or for holding pieces in place when seaming. 

Point Protectors by Hiyahiya come in a set with 2 small pink protectors and a 2 large green protectors in a pack. They fit most common needle sizes. 


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