My First Hat Kit

This project proves that a hat can be as easy to knit as a scarf, and it can be done in a fraction of the time. This is a great first knitting project. It comes complete with a super-bulky ball of yarn, knitting needles, a knitting pattern (printed on the box) and a link to an instructional video geared towards brand new knitters.

The yarn is fat, and this will make the knitting very speedy. You could complete this hat in just a few hours. The yarn is also gorgeous! It is made from incredibly soft, merino wool that will spoil you for all other yarn. Read all about it HERE. The needles are made from beautifully polished wood, with brass fittings and a flexible, pink cord. They are in fact circular needles; for knitting round things like this hat, but they can also be used to knit flat things like a scarf later on - once you have the knitting bug. The Loopy Mango how-to video is very well done; clear, and bright, and slow enough to follow along. 

This Kit Includes:
1 ball Merino No. 5 Yarn (see description and get more HERE)
15mm/US 19, 56cm/22 inches long, circular, knitting needle
"My First Hat" knitting pattern
Link to how-to video
All in a sturdy box - perfect for gifting! 


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