Felting Needles - set of 7

Felting needles are very sharp fine tools that are used to transform unspun wool fibres into felt. You can use felting needles to create three dimensional sculptural projects that can be used as decorations, toys, jewelry and more. You can also use felting needles to produce a more two dimensional pictorial project that can become wall art or embellish a knitted item. Felting Needles also come in handy for mending holes in wool sweater or encouraging yarns that refuse to darn into place to hold tight. 

These felting needles by Felted Sky come is a variety pack that includes 7 different needles in a cute paper tube with a "cheat sheet" on the back, so you know what type of needles you have and what they are recommended for. Each needle is painted a different colour so you can keep track. Included in each tube are one of each of the #36, #38, #40, #42 triangle needles, and the #38 and #40 twisted (or spiral) needles, and an #38 star needle.

If you are purchasing needles to go in a tool or holder, these painted needles will not fit. Instead, check out these unpainted tools


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