Stitch Marker Sets and Notion Boxes

Having useful things that are also adorable feels decadent and luxurious and just plain good. We love that these special crafting accessories are made right here in Canada. 

Enameled tin boxes with sliding lids are perfect for keeping all your precious little tools that often become lost in the fray. Choose from the Sly Fox Box and the Bandit Box; which features the unofficial spirit animal of Toronto - the racoon! These tins come in two sizes: small is 5.75cm x 3cm, large is 9cm x 6cm. They both come loaded with 10 locking stitch markers

You could fill your boxes with some of these sweet stitch marker sets: 

The Stitch Markers with Cat Ears come with 8 silver markers to fit a needle size up to 8mm.

Raindrop Stitch Markers Sets come with 7 black, raindrop shaped markers that fit a needle size up to 4mm, and an umbrella progress keeper.

Honeycomb Stitch Marker Sets come with 7 gold, hexagon shaped markers that fit needles up to 5mm, and a bee progress keeper.


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