Apart Together from Brooklyn Tweed


The Knit Café feels so lucky to be partners with such a wonderful organization.  You can shop with us for Brooklyn Tweed Yarns and choose your discount till May 15. Just apply one of the following discounts during checkout!

ApartTogether10 for a 10% discount
ApartTogether20 for a 20% discount
ApartTogether30 for a 30% discount

We will let Brooklyn Tweed tell you in their own words about this compassionate initiative.

Brooklyn Tweed - Apart Together
Pay What You Choose - Support How You Can

"In the wake of the developing pandemic of COVID19, there remains a lot of uncertainty and fear. But we have also seen an encouraging surge of compassion and generosity from our community. Though socially isolated, our hearts and minds are aligned in brainstorming ways to bolster this interconnected network of small businesses, makers and designers.

Our industry is founded on the hard work and full hearts of beloved bricks-and-mortar local yarn stores. many are shuttering their doors to help flatten the curve and stop this virus from spreading. By looking out for their customers and employees and putting global health first, they find themselves in a potentially tenuous financial situation. We also know that many of our knitters work in public-facing industries and have no remote work options, placing their income at risk. All of us here at Brooklyn Tweed want to help. In pursuit of that we are launching our new initiative - Brooklyn Tweed: Apart Together.

How It Works:

With this initiative, we are offering all of our customers who are experiencing financial hardship during this stressful time the ability to purchase our yarns at a more accessible price point while also supporting their favorite BT-carrying brick-and-mortar. Our stockists have the option to offer these same discounts as well, with credit back from Brooklyn Tweed for the discounted difference of each yarn sale. This gives you the freedom to seek solace in new knitting without additional money-stress while still supporting your local yarn store to the utmost. 

In this Pay What You Choose system, any amount you elect to pay from the baseline 30% discount up to full retail on brooklyntweed.com will be credited to the BT stockist of your choice. This enables you to provide direct support for a yarn store that may lack inventory or shipping capabilities and those affected by poor health and closures. 

In helping any member of our community, you help all members. Knit on with love, compassion and camaraderie and we will emerge on the other side even stronger than before."