Beyond Basic Brioche

This class is designed to beef up those basic brioche knitting skills and encourage your valiant quest for master brioche-knitter status. The beautiful, cushy brioche stitches that employ two colours to create reversible garments; brioche stitching that twists and turns and has pretty directional patterns; and knit instructions that include shaping like decreases and increases while maintaining brioche stitchery will be explained and explored in this workshop. Practice these advanced skills while making an impressive reversible hat. The hat pattern and photo are by The Knitting Apprentice.
If you have never tried brioche knitting before but would like to give it a go we have a class for you too. Check out The Knit Cafe’s Brioche Knitting Class.

I session,  materials not included

Materials; two colours DK weight yarn and 3.5mm, 40cm, circular needle, stitch marker.

Level: Advanced. Students should have some experience with brioche stitching before taking this class, We also have a n Introduction to Brioche Knitting Class.

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