The biggest yarn in the Brooklyn Tweed wheelhouse is beautiful Quarry. It is comprised of the same Targhee/Columbia wool blend found in both the Shelter and the Loft yarn but it has it's own unique character. Quarry is made up of three strands of roving loosely spun together to give girth. It's a fat yarn that is light weight -so hello extra chunky sweater that does not weigh a tonne! The 3 strand structure appears more like a single ply and knits with excellent plump stitches that are well suited for knit-textures such as cables.Tighter knitters will need to add extra twist to the Quarry as they knit to prevent breaks. Use Quarry for all you thicker knitting projects- scarves, caps, and sweaters too, it will knit up fast!
All Brooklyn Tweed yarns are produced with an eye to sustainability. All modes of production occur in the USA from the farms that raise the sheep to the historical mill in New Hampshire that spins the yarn to the dye house in Pennsylvania. The Quarry wool feels much like it's younger cousins - Loft and Shelter; soft but woolly. Colours are dyed before spinning and have so much depth, filled with beautiful tweedy accents.

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Fibre: American Targhee and Columbia Wool
Weight: Chunky/Bulky
Yardage:182m/ 200 yards
Gauge: 3-3.5 stitches per inch with 6-8mm needles
Care: hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

Pattern ideas: Fidra, Oxbow Cardigan, Snoqualmie, Ursa, Carbeth Cardigan, Carbeth, Bracken, Miss Bracken      


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