Continental Knitting Workshop

What's your knitting style? Many Canadian Knitters stitch in the "English" style, but some knit in the "Continental Style". What's the difference you might ask. The short answer is that English Knitters work with their yarn held in their right hand and Continental Knitters hold their yarn in their left hand. 
Lefties might be more comfortable knitting in this way but the real drive for many knitters to learn the Continental Style is that it is often considered a faster knitting technique. A need for speed is not the only reason to take up this method though. Continental knitting can be more ergonomic then English style knitting and is therefore easier on the body. Also, if you are a fan of colourful Fair Isle Knitting patterns learning the Continental Style will certainly come in handy. Want to know why? Come to class and ask!

1 session, materials not included

Materials: Yarn for swatch in worsted to bulky weight with a knitting needle size to match

Level: Beginner. Students should know how to knit ad purl before taking this class

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