Fix it! Finish It!

If you have holes in your socks and a knitted sweater languishing in pieces in your closet then check out this class. It’s a class over two dates, you can take them both or you can take one or the other.
The Fix It Class will cover fixing mistakes for knitters as well as mending. If you have just learned to knit or even if you have been knitting for a while you know that fixing your mistakes in your knitting is really challenging and sometimes super frustrated. In this two hour class we will take the time to practise the patience necessary to fix many knitting mistakes. Confidence boosting will also be included...but that’s not all. Students will also be introduced to the art of darning and other mending techniques for well loved knits that that need some TLC.

Materials: needles and yarn to match 4mm or larger, no dark colours please and darning needles. Bring in a stocking stitch swatch, at least 10cm square. Also bring any knits that need mending. If you suspect moths please de-moth by washing and freezing or other techniques before bring them in. See our post on moths

In The Finish It Class we will concentrate on all the details that really make a knit piece look polished. Seaming techniques, including seaming set in sleeves will be practised, but also alternative bind offs, and kitchener stitch will be covered. Learn various techniques for weaving in ends and joining yarn and how to choose between them, Picking up stitches on garments and other knits will also be covered as will the wonderful world of blocking. What’s blocking? Join in and find out!
Materials: Bring to class 4 pre knit swatches, 2 in stocking stitch and 2 in garter stitch at least 10cm square in size. Also bring knitting needles and yarn to match 4mm or larger, no dark colours please, and darning needles. Also bring any knits that need seaming.
1 or 2 session course, materials not included
Level: Beginner. Students should be comfortable with knit and purl stitching.


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