HiyaHiya Interchangable Cables - For Sizes 2.75mm/US2 - 5mm/US8

Building your collection of circular needles with the tips and the cables separated is very practical! Then you can mix and match your tips with your cables for a greater variety. Find the lovely HiyaHiya Tips in both bamboo and steel HERE. You can match them up with these flexible cables. HiyaHiya makes their cables in two different sizes. These thinner cables work with 2.75mm/US2 - 5mm/US8 needles. Larger sizes work with thicker cords not yet in stock at The Knit Cafe.

Choose from a 40cm/16", good for hats and collars and baby cloths, a 60cm/24" is a good in between size for small adult sweaters and cowls, or the 80cm/32" can be used for afghans, shawls, sweaters and most larger projects. The 80cm/32" length is also appropriate to use for the "magic loop" knitting method.
Find the HiyaHiya Needle Grip to tighten the cables onto the needle tips HERE.


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