HiyaHiya Interchangable Needle Tips

The same wonderful, circular needles HiyHiya is known for but with the needle tips and cords sold separately so you can mix and match. This is a really smart way to build a collection of needle sizes. How many times have you had the right size of circular needle but with the wrong size cord attached to it? Now imagine just being able to switch the cord. Liberating! 
HiyaHiya interchangable tips thread onto their flexible cords and can then be tightened with a HiyaHiya Needle Grip (sold separately HERE). The Knit Café stocks three different cord lengths that you can find HERE.

The needle tips come in two different lengths. The shorter 4 inch tips are meant to go with the 40cm /16 inch cords. You will not be able to use the longer 5 inch tips with these short cords but you could use the short tips with longer cords if you wish. 
The tips come in light and smooth bamboo, and also in slippery and strong steel. The Knit Café carries the HiyaHiya steel tips in the "Sharp" style which means they are extra pointy for precision knitting.

HiyaHiya tips 5.5mm/US9 - 10mm/US15 fit with different sized cords. These larger tips and cord sizes are not yet in stock.


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