Knit Cafe Yarn Club 2019

Yarn Club 2019 Membership is closed. 2020 membership will open in April

The Knit Cafe’s Yarn Club 2019 is for knit explorers!
It is like a good friend urging you to try unfamiliar yarns, to dig into foreign stitch patterns and techniques, to discover your new favourite colour, and to take on and conquer new knit challenges. It is a blueprint for your knitting practice throughout the year. It is a whole year of knitting fun!

Knit Cafe Yarn Club members can anticipate receiving five complete knitting projects – coming your way in June, September, November, January and March..

Each giftie (that’s what we call them) will contain:

  • An Original Brand New Knitting Pattern designed by The Knit Cafe You will get this pattern before its public release. The experience level of the patterns will be intermediate, all patterns will include tips or diagrams or tutorials to describe relevant knitting skills.
  • And YARN! Beautiful, exceptional, and in enough quantity to make up the knit design that accompanies it. We have puzzled hard and long-searched to find just the right yarn for each project. Expect to receive selections from Indie hand dyers that live and work in Canada and other yarn offerings from far and wide. All yarns will feature natural fibres and beautiful colours.
  • In amongst the yarn treasures and your exclusive pre-released pattern look for some extra surprises to keep you on your toes and joy in your heart.
  • In addition members will receive several other Knit Cafe new pattern releases in PDF format accompanied by offers to pre-order yarn to make the project. An exclusive, members only discount coupon will also be included for pre-orders.

When choosing your subscription you have options. Choose from: 

“Make Mine Custom” for lucky knitters who will receive limited edition yarn colours developed in collaboration with some of the participating hand dyers and custom developed yarn pallets created only for The Knit Café’s Yarn Club. You will not want to miss out on these as they will be rare and they will be beautiful. For this subscription choose the option “Make Mine Custom”

Or choose the “Picked Just For Me” subscription. If you choose this option Iwona and Kristin at The Knit Café will select colours for you from the pallet of each participating yarn company. We will use all our cunning and wiles to create a unique collection just for you but you will have to trust us. If you choose this selection you will have the opportunity to let us know which colours you most love, and which colours you would rather we avoid. We will keep this top of mind when we are creating your gifts. For this subscription choose the option “Picked Just For Me”

When you register for your Knit Café Yarn Club Subscription, expect to receive a “thank you for your order” reply immediately followed quickly on its heels (within 24 hours) by a “welcome package” sent to your email address. Subscribers who choose the “Picked Just For Me” option will then have the opportunity to let us in on your colour preferences. Get your subscription now. The first of the five shipments will be ready for pick up or delivery by the middle of June. The next four shipments will follow in September, November, January and March to sustain a whole year of knitting.

 Prices include delivery costs where applicable. Shipping will not be charged at check out.