Knit Cafe Yarn Club - The Holiday Edition

Knitters know the best gifts to give are the hand knitted kind, knitters also know that the best gifts to receive are the ones we can knit with! With that in mind we have decided to open up our Yarn Club membership to a new group of knitters. This Holiday Edition of The Knit Cafe’s Yarn Club will include three gifties sent over a period of 6 months (one every two months). Each gift will include an original knitting pattern designed by The Knit Cafe and YARN that is specially selected to match it. Each yarn will be very special indeed; chosen for their beautiful colours and natural fibres. Canadian and International Hand Dyers will be featured.
This is a great opportunity for knitters who missed the announcement for the full year subscription for Yarn Club 2017 to jump in and still participate, it is also a wonderful chance to give a knitter you know I really unique gift! We will be taking new memberships till Dec 23rd, 2017.

Knit Cafe Yarn Club Holiday Edition Members will receive:

A little welcome giftie ready for pick up or sent upon registration

First package with yarn and pattern will be ready Mid - February
Second package with yarn and pattern will be ready Mid - April
Third package with yarn and pattern will be ready Mid - June
Extra surprises will be included in amongst the goodies!

The Knit Cafe Yarn Club Membership is appropriate for Intermediate to Advanced knitters!

When choosing your subscriptions you have options.

Some very lucky knitters will get their hands on a subscription that features yarn colours that The Knit Café has developed in collaboration with some of the participating hand dyers. These yarns are made only for The Knit Café and The Knit Café’s Yarn Club. You will not want to miss out on these as they will be rare and they will be beautiful. For this subscription choose the option “Make Mine Custom

You may also choose the “Picked Just For Me” subscription. If you choose this option Iwona and Kristin at The Knit Café will select colours from the pallet of each participating yarn company. We will use all our cunning and wiles to create a unique collection for each knitter based on their colour preferences. For this subscription choose the option “Picked Just For Me”

When you register for your Knit Café Yarn Club Subscription, expect to receive a “thank you for your order” reply immediately followed quickly on its heels (within 24 hours) by an emailed letter with membership details.

Happy Knitting!

All the prices are in Canadian Dollars.
Prices include delivery costs where applicable. Shipping will not be charged at check out.


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