Old Mill Alpacas Core-Spun

This kooky looking yarn blows our minds! It comes from an Ontarian Alpaca Farm called Old Mill. As the name suggests, Old Mill Alpacas is not just an alpaca abode it is also a yarn mill. Here, they specialize in turning their soft alpaca fleece into core-spun yarn. A very thin "core" yarn (in this case it is cotton) becomes a foundation for layers of alpaca to wrap and twist around it. This method creates yarns that are big and fat, lofty and fluffy, but still sturdy. This trifecta is hard to achieve with other spinning approaches. Despite it's ample girth this core-spun alpaca is very light so when it is stitched into super chunky knit accessories it will not weigh the wearer down. The core-spun technique is also responsible for the bubbly/bobbly appearance of the yarn. This is so unique and knits into striking garments.
Since this yarn is so unusual the Core-Spun Alpaca yarn comes with some Knit Café tips on how to work with it. We have also created two original knitting patterns specifically for this yarn. Check them out HERE where you can purchase a knit-kit for both. 
This amazing yarn will also make decadent neck cowls and scarves and stunning blankets and stroller blankets - so cozy!!!

Fibre: Alpaca (and a wee bit of cotton)
Weight: Bulky
Yardage: 58m /63.5y
Gauge: various - from big to huge! with 8mm-15mm
Care: hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.