Old Mill Alpacas Lopi 2Ply

Old Mill Alpacas is a small fibre mill and alpaca farm in Northumberland County Ontario, in other words just down the road and over the hill from The Knit Café. The proprietor; Amy Kungoliver has a growing herd of 100-plus alpacas that she knows individually and instantly by sight and of course by name. Alpacas of many colours from white to black, from tawny to brown are expertly cared for by Amy and her crew. Their super soft fleece is then spun into super soft yarn. 
The Lopi 2ply is spun by Legacy Lane Mill in New Brunswick, so it is a 100% Canadian made product. The lopi spin is traditionally a sturdy but lofty one-ply and so it is with this lopi, but then a second ply is added. This ply number two is very fine, so that it wraps delicately around the soft fuzzy base. This second ply is also a contrast colour which gives the yarn extra zing!
Alpaca fibre is one of the warmest around, so knit or crochet this yarn into garments and accessories you want to be extra warm. Alpaca has a lovely fluffy halo, but Old Mill Alpaca is not a shedder compared to other alpaca yarns we have tried. Amy will be most put out if we do not mention that alpaca fibre is antibacterial too. 

Fibre: Alpaca
Weight: Chunky
Yardage: 96m /105 yards
Gauge: 12-14 stitches per 10cm / 4 inches with 6-8mm needles
Care: hand wash in cold, lay flat to dry.


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