Premium Cotton Macrame String - 5mm

This is a buttery soft string. It is made up of many very fine strands wound together into a 5mm width. It is a joy to work with and will give your macrame projects a supple and smooth look. String ends unravel easily into silky fringe. While you are working with your string you can tape your ends to avoid fraying. 

The Premium Cotton String comes in 100 foot lengths and is made from 100% cotton. It is developed by the Canadian enterprise Aster and Vine and you can use this cotton string for any of their free patterns that call for the 5mm rope. The 5mm Rope is also available in The Knit Cafe's shop HERE.

Macrame accessories can be found HERE.

Size: 5mm
Length: 30m / 100 feet
Fibre: 100% cotton


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