Small Batch Number 1

It's The Knit Cafe's very first in-house yarn! We call it Small Batch and like the name suggests this is a limited edition yarn. This yarn was produced with the smallest footprint we could muster. It was created entirely in Southern Ontario; from farm to mill to shop. The Sheep in question are very special indeed; they are Norbouillet sheep! You can be forgiven if you have never heard of this sheep breed. The Norbouillet sheep were developed right here in Ontario on Pine Hollow Farm. It all started with a small flock of Rambouillet sheep purchased for Pine Hollow for their lovely, soft knitting wool. Unfortunately there were no local mills that could process this fine wool. Undeterred, a breeding project began to combine the soft Rambouillet with local sheep breeds that could be milled in Ontario. Enter mini mill Wellington Fibre who stepped up to the plate to spin the Norbouillet fibre.The Knit Cafe was lucky to collaborate with these amazing entrepreneurs to create this yarn.
For our Small Batch yarn, the fleece was dyed pre-spinning, three different colours have been blended together to create each colour. Overdyed white and black sheep's wool were used to produce the heathered colour. Small batch yarn is spun fluffy, and is very satisfyingly soft. Expect to encounter vegetation while knitting with Small Batch Number 1; bits of grass and hay that did not quite rinse out in the wash. Funnily, Small Batch does not smell sheepy, it's almost minty. Yes, we do smell our yarn.
Small batch knits to a DK gauge. Use it for knits that need to be soft, and where smooth stitches with the tiniest bit of a halo are desired. This yarn looks great with cable stitches like in The Knit Cafe's Fay Wray headband pattern that features the Small Batch Yarn. It would also really suit fairisle knitting!

Fibre: 100% Norbouillet Wool
Weight: DK
Yardage: 113m/ 124y
Gauge: 22 stitches per 10cm with a 3.5mm needle
Care: wash cold, lay flat to dry


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