socks in a box

When you order "socks in a box" you will receive 4 knitting patterns for socks (at almost 40% of the regular price) and 10% off all of the sock yarns of your choosing.

All the knitting patterns are designed in house by The Knit Café. Each pattern explores a different way to knit a sock.
  • Sweet Socks is a traditional cuff to the toe knit, it has lots of detailed instructions and diagrams for new sock knitters to follow.
  • The Maud Socks has a fun textured stitch pattern and an afterthought heel.
  • Tulip the Tiptoer is a classic "toe-up" knit sock with short row shaping
  • Tricycle Sock is also knit from the toe up but has a gusseted heel and some fun twists and turns.

Once you complete all four patterns you will have a wholesome knowledge of sock knitting and you can start calling yourself a "sock master"!

When you purchase "socks in a box" you will receive by email a PDF that includes all four sock patterns and your coupon code for 10% off. Once you have your coupon explore the sock yarns featured in our webshop. Pick as many or as few as you like. The coupon code is valid for a one time use only. When you are checking out enter your coupon code.
The yarns pictured here are merely inspirational - you can pick from any of the sock yarns we have available during the time of your purchase. 

The coupon can also be applied to any virtual sock knitting classes offered by The Knit Café. If there are no classes available when you make your purchase please contact us and we will send you updates when we announce new classes along with a new coupon code that you can apply to receive 10% off these classes. 

The sock box is for those sock knitting devotees who want a chance to express themselves, and for those who are sock curious who have good pattern ready skills and are proficient at knitting thin yarns in small circles. 

100% of the proceeds of each $16 purchase will be donated to Afri-Can Food Basket, who champions Food Justice and Food Sovereignty for Toronto’s African, Caribbean, Black (ACB) community.