Spin Master Class

This class is for fibre addicts who have taken our Introduction to Spinning, Drop Spindle Class, or for those who have practised with their drop spindles and ache for more spinner’s secrets. In this class spinners will have the opportunity to try their hand at spinning a selection of fibres and will discuss the advantages and challenges of each one. Be prepared to sample a selection of luxury animal fibres and plant based fibres too. Get practical tips and resources for handling materials beyond good old sheep’s wool and hands on experience besides. Learn how to add bits and bobbles and beads for really unique skeins. Take advantage of having an excellent spinning coach on hand to ask other spinning related questions.
1 session course
Materials: class fee includes a sampler package of fibres. Bring your Drop Spindle or purchase one at The Knit Café.
Level: Intermediate. Some experience with spinning on a drop spindle; Introduction to Drop Spindle Class at The Knit Café or equivalent.



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