Fluffy Soft, Thick Yarn! We would not hesitate to recommend this yarn to a beginner. Despite it’s fuzzy halo this yarn feels smooth and glides easily without splitting. This is due to Wish’s unique construction. “Blown Yarns” are not conventionally spun. Instead fibres are blown into a tube. In the case of the Wish yarn the tube is made from Pima Cotton and the interior is a soft blend of Alpaca and Merino. Wish yarn is therefore made from 100% natural fibres making it unique in the world of blown yarns that usually rely on some synthetic content. Blown yarns are 30-35% lighter than conventionally spun yarns of the same thickness and will knit or crochet into a very even and consistent fabrics. Alpaca has long fibres that often shed while you are working with it and during the first wearings. Time and washing will take care of this for the most part.

If you love fuzzy, fluffy fibres give Wish a try for your next accessory or sweater project.

Fibre: 50% Alpaca, 33% Cotton, 17% Merino
Weight: Bulky
Yardage: 70m (77 yards)
Gauge: 10 stitches per 10cm/ 4” with 9mm/US13 needles
Care: hand wash in cold, lay flat to dry


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