Best For Beginners

Are you looking for yarn for your first knit or crochet project? We have some recommendations for you. Choose a yarn that is thick. Thick yarn makes the work go quickly and it it easier to see your stitches when the yarn is large. Yarns that are smoother travel easier over your needles and are less likely to tangle. Lighter colours are easier to see. Choose the colours and fibres that make your heart go pitter patter. 

Needle size is chosen by looking at the recommended needle size for each yarn. You can see this information under the "Gauge" in yarn's description. For more information and advice on how to knit your first project check out THIS BLOG POST

All the yarns in this collection come in balls that are knit or crochet ready! If you find yarns that are twisted into a long pretzel shapes; then they are called skeins. Skeins need to be wound into balls before they are used. HERE IS A VIDEO that shows you how.

We think this collection of yarns is particularly suitable for novices but if you would like a bit more choice look in the Super Bulky, Bulky and Chunky collections for more options.