Felting Needles

Felting needles are very sharp fine tools that are used to transform unspun wool fibres into felt. You can use felting needles to create three dimensional sculptural projects that can be used as decorations, toys, jewelry and more. You can also use felting needles to produce a more two dimensional pictorial project that can become wall art or embellish a knitted item. Felting Needles also come in handy for mending holes in wool sweater or encouraging yarns that refuse to darn into place to hold tight.

The Variety Pack includes three needles of different sizes: one medium #36, one star #38, and one fine #40. You use the largest needles first and then switch to finer needles when your project needs more detail. These three needles are all you will need to get started on any needle felting project.

The Spiral Felting Needle can be used to achieve a smoother finish and reduce divots on the surface of your project. They also add speed to the felting process. They are only used for detail at the end of the process. There is one needle per packet.

The Reverse Barb Needle teases out the fibre rather than compacting it and creates a fluffy finish (like the lion's mane). There is one needle per packet.

Needles come in protective plastic sleeves that are easily removed and replaced. Take Care - felting needles are very sharp! 


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