Seeknit Shirotake Circular Needle

Shirotake Circular Knitting Needles are made in Japan by Kinki Amibari; a  company that has been a going concern for more than 100 years. That's a long time to think about what makes a perfect knitter's tool! 
Shirotake needles are made from strong, durable, bamboo fibres. Harvested in Japan, bamboo is a renewable resource that has the uncanny ability to grow extremely quickly. Choosing a sustainably grown bamboo for knitting needles has very little environmental impact.

The Shirotake Circular needles features:

The natural texture of the bamboo which is light and flexible with natural bounce. The bamboo's carefully polished surface has a smooth finish with gentle grip that allows yarn to slide easily.

The needle tips are finely buffed and tapered perfectly to be sharp but not at the expense of your fingertips.

Needles sizes are laser printed on each needle, so it won’t rub off over time. 

Perhaps the best feature of the Kinki Amibari circular needles is the cord's ability to swivel 360 degrees, preventing the cords from twisting. This rotating swivel-cord makes knitting extra comfortable!

When you open your package of Shirotake Needles for the first time, don't throw away the packaging! This FSC-certified, paper packaging will fold up to secure your needles in place and keep them managed and safe during storage. 

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