Brittany Double Pointed Needles

Double Pointed Knitting Needles are short needles with points on both ends meant for knitting in circles when circumferences are small; for socks and mittens and sleeves for example. Our favourite double pointed needles hands down are made by Brittany Needles. Brittany Needles are made with sustainably cultivated birch. Wooden needle are light and have a "warm" feel that keeps you fingers coming back for more. For double pointed needles wood grain is your friend, keeping your stitches in place and preventing stitches from shifting and falling off the ends. If you are new to using double pointed needles please give these a try - you will not regret it. 
Brittany Double Pointed Needles come in packages of five except for sizes 2.75mm and smaller which have an extra needle included. Brittany acknowledges that their needles are fragile at this size so they include one more in case of breakage. How thoughtful! These double pointed needle sets come in 7.5" or 5" long. Use the longer ones for hats and sleeves and the shorter ones are terrific for socks and mittens.


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