Long Darning Needles

These are long, sharp needles! Extra long darning needles are especially useful for the purposes of darning. These needle's longer length is a great advantage when traversing the distance over a large sized hole. The sharp tips make them appropriate for darning some woven fabrics as well as knits. These needles come in packages of 6 and are available in two sizes:

In the Little Girl Sewing Package there are 2 x 66mm, 2 x 62, 2 x 58, with a 0.69mm-0.8mm diameter. Good for threads such at Laines St Pierre or Retour de Nord. Appropriate for woven fabrics as well as knits. 

In the Laine St Pierre Package there are 6 x 62mm with a 1mm diameter. Good for threads but also could accommodate lighter yarns such as fingering-weight. Appropriate for loosely woven fabrics as well as knits.

These precision needles are made in France by Sajou!


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