Eucalan No Rinse Delicate Wash

Essential for hand-knitters is something to care properly for your keepsake garments. This is where Eucalan comes in handy. This Canadian made laundry helper will take some of the bother out of hand washing your woolens. Just soak your sweaters and blankets  and such in cool water and a bit of Eucalan. Leave it be and let the soap draw out the dirt and add in some lanolin. Come back later and gently squeeze out the water; there is no need to rinse. This is such a time saver and it means less handling of your wet garments so less chance for felting. Eucalan comes in several beautiful scents like Eucalyptus and Lavender which repel moths. It also comes in Unscented. Eucalan is also great for washing other delicates like lingerie. 
The Knit Café carries Eucalan in three sizes. The 500ml bottle come in Eucalyptus, Lavender and Unscented, as do the 100ml bottles. You can also get sample sizes called "pods". Give one with your next hand made gift so recipients will know to handle your handiwork with care. The pods are unscented.


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