Ricorumi Pattern Books

These booklets are written to go with the adorable mini balls of cotton yarn called Ricorumi and also Spin Spin DK. They are full of so many adorable crocheted critters it makes it hard to choose what to stitch up first. Each book features several charming characters and patterns for each. These crochet patterns are for advanced beginners or intermediate crocheters. Take note that they have UK crochet abbreviations (ie DC is a North American single crochet stitch). Choose your booklet

Pocket Pals: features 9 mini animals - Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Mouse, Pig, Cow, Duck, Chicken, Llama

Dress Me: features Bunny, Dog, Bear, and Cat with mix and match outfits

Magic: features Unicorn, Teddy Bear, Puppy and two Rabbits

Wild Wild Animals: features Seal, Narwhal, Monkey, Lion, Donkey, Parakeet, Crocodile, Koala

Element Heads

Veggie and Fruit features leek, carrot, aubergine, pepper, mushroom, peas, apple, cherries, lemon, strawberry


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