Seeknit Cords for Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Circular knitting needles can be purchased with the tips and the cords separated so that knitters can mix and match to achieve various sizes and lengths. This is a very efficient way of developing your knitting needle collection! 
These Seeknit Cords are wonderfully flexible and rotate and swivel to prevent twisting while knitting. The cords fit into the Seeknit Shirotake Tips with a twist - no grip tightener needed! 

Choose your cord length! Circular Knitting needles are measured tip to tip, so add on the length of your needle tips to the length of the cord to get the full measurement of your circumference. The Knit Cafe carries cord lengths:
19-20cm / 7.5- 8" 
40cm / 16"
56cm / 22"
74cm / 29"

Seeknit Cords also come sized to fit different needle tips.
M1.8 fit needle sizes 2mm-3.25mm/ US 0-3
M2 fit needle sizes 3.5mm - 5mm / US 4-8
M4 fit needles sizes 5.5mm -10mm / US 9-15

You can use cord adapters to alter the cord-to-tip fit. See them HERE


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