Seeknit Shirotake Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets

Having a set of circular needles where the cords and the needle tips are separate and can be mixed and matched to make multiple variations is super practical! These needle sets by Kinki Amibari feature all the excellent qualities of the Shirotake needles; bamboo needles that are smoothly polished with buffed, tapered tips, and flexible cords that rotate and swivel to prevent twisting while knitting. The tips fit into the cords with a twist - no grip tightener needed! 
We love these small interchangeable sets for knitters who are just starting to collect interchangeable needles, or for the curious who want to try out the Seeknit brand.  These sets feature 4 common knitting needles sizes along with cords, and very cute stoppers. 

 Shirotake Interchangeable Circular 10cm/4" M set contains:

4  needle tips 10cm/4" long, 3.5mm/US4, 4mm/US6, 4.5mm/US7, 5mm/US8

3 cords, 20cm/8", 40cm/16", 60cm/24"

2 stoppers

Shirotake Interchangeable Circular 12.5cm/5" M set contains:

4  needle tips 12.5cm/5" long, 3.5mm/US4, 4mm/US6, 4.5mm/US7, 5mm/US8

3 cords, 35cm/14", 55cm/22", 75cm/29.5"

2 stoppers



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