Darning Needles

Darning needles, also called tapestry needles or sometimes wool needles are an essential tool for crafters who work with yarn. Crocheters, weavers, knitters - we all need them. The Knit Café offers two different kinds. 

Aluminum Needles - Pack of 3
These are our favourite darning needles. They don't look like much but their secret weapon is in their eyes. The eye of each of these needles is made from flexible nylon cord making them super easy to thread. These are definitely the needles you should choose if you are working with Super Bulky yarns but we use them for most projects with yarns as small as DK. 

Steel Needles - Pack of 2
These are our smallest needles and work nicely with fingering weight yarns or smaller and darning threads. One of the needles in this package is blunt and is meant for darning in ends and seaming knit and crocheted pieces, the other needle has a sharp point and can pierce through some fabrics which is sometimes just the thing you are looking for. 



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