Knit How by Meghan Fernandes and Lydia Cluck

In our opinion this is one of the best learn-to-knit books that has come along in the last decade. It is published by the folks at Pompom Press who know a thing or two about presenting winning, knitting patterns. 
Knit How - Simple Knits, Tools and Tips, assumes you know nothing about knitting and takes you through the basics; explaining about yarn and needles, pattern reading and other helpful fundamentals. It even has a section on fixing mistakes - which is something every fledgling knitter should know about. 
Best yet, this book includes accessible knitting patterns that are classic, but not boring. Wrist warmers and cowls are the first projects new knitters are encouraged to try in this book. Once these patterns are completed, knitting protégé can graduate to hats, cabled scarves and even sweaters and socks. All of these projects are basic shapes that can be customized with the colours and textures preferred by individual makers.

Pick up 2 balls of Drops Andes or 2 balls of Wool and the Gang Alpachino Merino and some 8mm knitting needles along with this book to make your first hand knitted cowl project. 


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