Retrosaria Beiroa

We were so excited when we discovered this yarn! Retrosaria is the brain child of Rosa Pomar, a textile talent who has taken on the project of conserving indigenous sheep breeds in her home country of Portugal. To make certain that these unique sheep breeds and  some of the traditional Portuguese fibre processes are preserved she has developed several beautiful yarn lines that celebrate both.
Beiroa is a rustic wool yarn from the Bordaleira Serra da Estrela sheep. It comes in a lovely range of colours as you can see. It has a woolly feel, full of lanoline which is a perfect hand moisturizer for knitters and has a wonderful smell, yes smell! It is so sweet! After washing Beiroa softens and blooms beautifully, however some knitters will find Beiroa not comfortable enough to wear directly against the skin and may prefer it for outerwear.
Beiroa in it’s natural state is lightly spun with both texture and colour variation. Light and dark sheep’s wool are spun together to achieve tonal changes and some barber poling effects. The wool is then over dyed in all the pretty colours and the result is a wonderful colour depth with lots of whimsical and unexpected shadows and highlights.
This is a really unique yarn that will knit into gorgeous sweaters and knit accessories that hold their shapes beautifully. Good stitch definition - it looks terrific in cables and is excellent for colour work patterns too. 
This yarn has excellent yardage - a whopping 250 metres goes for a very wallet friendly price!

Fibre: 100% wool
Weight: Worsted/DK
Yardage: 250m / 273 yards
Gauge: 20 stitches per 10cm /4 inches with 4-5mm needles
Care: hand wash in cold, lay flat to dry


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