Seeknit Shirotake Asymmetrical Circular Needles

These beautiful, bamboo knitting needles feature all the wonderful attributes of the Kinki Amibari Shirotake Circular Needles with two very important differences; one needle tip is shorter than the other tip and the needle length is pretty darn short!

Not every knitter has learned to embrace knitting on double pointed needles or using the magic loop method when knitting projects with a small circumference. If this describes you then these needles will be just what you have been looking for. Measured tip to tip these circular needles are 23cm/9.5" long. That makes them suitable for knitting socks, mittens, and sweater sleeves. 

Because the length of the needles are so short the tip length and the cord length must be adjusted for comfortable knitting. The clever folks at Kinki Amibari have taken their needle design one step further by adjusting the lengths of each tip to suit their purposes. Put the stitches on the short needle and work through with the long needle. Since the moving needle is longer it is easier to hold on to!


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