Seeknit Shirotake Needle Tips

There comes a time in every knitters life to ponder stream-lining their knitting needle collection. When this time comes it is natural to consider Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles. Different sizes of needle tips can be bought separately and then mixed and matched with different lengths of cord. Some knitters buy sets with multiple needles and cords but building your collection one needle or cord at a time, as you need them is a good way to go too. 

These needle tips by Kinki Amibari feature all the excellent qualities of the Shirotake needles; bamboo needles that are smoothly polished with buffed, tapered tips. 10cm / 4" tips work best when knitting small circumferences. 12.5cm / 5" tips are great for medium and long circumferences. 

Match your needles with Seeknit cords. They are wonderfully flexible and rotate and swivel to prevent twisting while knitting. The tips fit into the cords with a twist - no grip tightener needed! 


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